Connect with Carol: The Secret Sauce

Connect with Carol: The Secret Sauce
June 9, 2023 mcdmarketing

The Center for Prevention of Abuse’s (CFPA) leadership and team of employees work hard to foster a supportive, client-centered, caring work environment. Our agency’s therapists, counselors, advocates, caseworkers, educators, communications team and administrative department work from their hearts to ensure all those who come to CFPA for care feel safe, welcome, protected, and at home.

Even though CFPA creates a beautiful and hopeful work environment, the last few years have been pretty tough on organizations who recruit employees. The pandemic directly resulted in some historic changes for talent pools that have not reverted to pre-pandemic expectations. Those changes that we’ve noticed include a fondness for remote work, dramatic pay increases, innovative benefit transformations, and increased competition from other organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Competition and comparisons are tough! The US Chamber of Commerce reported last month that the latest data shows that in the United States there are more than 10 million job openings but only 5.7 million unemployed workers. The struggle to recruit an exceptional workforce that adds value to an organization like CFPA is significant. Yet, the work we do is crucial and consistent. We are needed. We are here to serve, and serve we do; all day, every day, all year, every year.

We are finding unique ways and means to increase our talent pool. You know how you sometimes get that delicious sandwich or burger and there is just something about it that makes it extra special. It’s usually the secret sauce! CFPA has secret sauce to the way we recruit. CFPA is using “experience strategies” to attract high quality candidates to fill open positions. An “experience strategy” is future-focused and simply creates meaningful experiences, building trust and value. We want potential staff members to not only support the work we do, but really understand why they would want to spend each day with CFPA’s remarkable team. What’s in our secret sauce? CFPA is credible, consistent, transparent, and offers a positive and strong company culture. We encourage compassion, empathy and live our mission, our vision, and the agency’s brand every day. CFPA exists to help all people live free from violence and abuse, constantly working toward a safe and more peaceful community. Our culture strengthens CFPA’s unique organizational identity, working to inspire employees to live out the agency’s values every day and deliver our brand’s promise to those we care for. Who, deep down, would not want to work for peace?

CFPA is seeking passionate, compassionate, solution-forward people to join our team! All open positions play a significant role in advancing CFPA and our peaceful mission. All team members at CFPA are valued and they belong. We are looking for people who want to be engaged in their work, who are inspired by their successes, and thrive in a workplace that celebrates teamwork and maximizes distinct skills and competencies.
CFPA welcomes and encourages persons of color and LGBTQ+ persons to apply for open positions within our organization. CFPA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability in its policies or procedures.

At CFPA, we believe everyone deserves peace – every day, everywhere, any time – at home, in the workplace, at school, and in the community. Do you know someone who would be interested in the recipe for our secret sauce; someone who would appreciate an opportunity to join us?
For more information about the Center for Prevention of Abuse and the currently available positions, please visit

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