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Help for SAIf someone you know has been sexually assaulted, abused or harassed, here’s how to help:

  • Ask the person – “How may I help?” Let them determine next steps.
  • If the person wants to talk, listen. But, if the person doesn’t want to talk, honor that.
  • If you are uncomfortable listening, help the person find someone who can listen. Center staff are available 24/7 at 1-800-559-7233.
  • Don’t second guess or judge their behavior.
  • Don’t ask why it happened or ask about specific details.
  • If the incident was very recent, suggest that they go to the hospital for a forensic exam.
  • Offer to drive them to the hospital, The Center, or the police station.
  • Offer to help install new locks or find another place to live if there are safety issues.
  • Pay attention to your own feelings. If you find that it would be helpful for you to speak with Center staff, services are available for you also.