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Adopt Our Families

It is that time of year again! We are looking for donors to participate in our annual Adopt Our Families Campaign!

Each year during the holiday season, generous members of our community purchase gifts for families that we serve who are in need. A “family” may be a single person, a senior, a parent and children, or other. Donors determine what size family they would like to help. We try to match our donors as close as possible to their requests. Then we share the family’s wish list with the donors. The donors then shop and return all of the unwrapped gifts to The Center where we wrap them and get them to their assigned family. Last year, this campaign served over 50 families in need.

If you do not want to “Adopt a Family” but still want to donate, consider items off of our General Wish List.

If you would like to be involved with Adopt Our Families, please contact Jen Farmer or Celsy Martindale at 309-691-0551 or by email at