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WMBD: Decreasing Domestic Homicides in Tazewell County

PEKIN, Ill. — After a murder-suicide took place in Creve Couer last week, the community of Tazewell County is coming together to promote awareness for domestic violence.

Since 2012, there have been 14 domestic homicides in Tazewell County.

Tazewell County leader feel it is necessary to do everything they can to reduce these numbers.

“The idea that something of this magnitude wasn’t getting it’s fair share of attention and that’s what caused the original research,” said Dr. Jeff Baldi, Tazewell County coroner.

Every minute, 20 people are victims of domestic violence.

That’s 29,000 people a day.

“The Civic Center seats about 12,000 people,” said Carol Merna, executive director for the Center for Prevention of Abuse. “And Dozer Park seats about 7000 people. So, if we fill every single seat in those two venues to capacity, we are still 10,000 seats short.”

From July 2015 to June 2016, 49 people in Illinois died due to domestic homicide.

That’s why Tazewell County leaders are deciding to take action.

“The Center for Prevention of Abuse is very excited to enter into a multi-partnership with WMBD Television as part of their $1 Million Community Investment,” said Merna.

The money will be used to promote coverage to increase awareness of domestic violence and how to get help.

But that’s not all…

“[Tazewell Teen] Initiative was formed to be able to provide education to our young people in our schools, to address some of these very important issues,” said Detective Mike Eeten, chairman of Tazewell Teen Initiative.

The Tazewell Team Initiative will also start educating high school students regarding the signs of an abusive relationship and how to seek help.

“It’s our future,” said Baldi. “I just feel that we need to spark the ignition and we need to go after their attitude.

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