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WMBD: Local non-profit turns to social media to raise awareness and funds

PEORIA – The Center for Prevention of Abuse is using social media as its latest fundraising effort.

The “Be the Bridge” campaign kicks off Tuesday.

The Center hopes to bridge the gap in state funding, after learning it would lose out on more than $200,000 in funding from the state.

Participants are asked to change their Facebook picture to one of them holding a sign with a half circle on it, representing a bridge, and a heart with the hashtag ‘I am the bridge.’

“Last year we provided 7,100 shelter nights between those two shelters, so the need is there,” says executive director Carol Merna. “We certainly don’t want to do without, it’s not our goal. We’re very client-centered and want to make sure we stay that way.”

The Center hopes to raise donations through the campaign to help provide services and programs for victims of abuse.

To watch the video click here.